Alonex - Where The Art of Electronics is Alive!

Alonex - Where The Art of Electronics is Alive!


Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. This is a site by Alonex ICEE Labs.

It is going to become The Alonex Military Monitors Portal - a technical and commercial resource for Military & Avionics CRT/LCD/LED/VFD monitors.


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Tel.: +972-3-5037095, Fax: 972-3-5031048, P.O.Box 123, Holon 5810101, Israel



Alonex - Data Video & Computer CRT Monitors Repair & Supply

Radar Indicators Room equipped with CRT indicators


Alonex ICEE Labs are involved in special purpose and industrial electronic equipment repairing and refurbishment at the electronic components level, as well as in the special and industrial computer systems maintenance and integration. The services are targeted for the different industries and applications such as Industrial Automation, Robotics and Control, Building Automation, Military, Medical, Governmental, and for any other sectors where sophisticated electronic and computer systems are used.

Alonex performs deep level repairing of a wide range of electronic & computer equipment such as Analogue, Digital, Mixed & Microprocessor / Microcontroller PC Boards, CNC Controls, Programmable (PLC) & Special Purpose Controllers, Variable Speed Drives (VFD), Servo Drives, DC Motor & Step Motor Drives, Linear & Switching Power Supplies, Ultrasonic Power Generators, Instrumental & Servo Amplifiers, CRT/LCD/LED/VFD Monitors, Displays & Control Panels, Wired & Fiber Optic Industrial Network Interfaces, Process Control Computer Systems on different platforms, and of much other equipment, by virtually any OEM, even without schematics and source codes. Our Reverse Electronic & Software Engineering capabilities allow to recover schematics and flowcharts of discontinued and already unsupported electronic cards, modules and controls.


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Alonex - PRAFTEC - Military Electronic Circuits & Embedded Software Design, Engineering & Repair


CRT & LCD Monitors for Sale (can be dispatched immediately) Panasonic WV-BM990 9" CRT B&W Video Monitor Panasonic WV-CM1020 9" CRT NTSC Color Video Monitor TVS - Taiwan Video System MM-12/MM-12A 12" CRT B&W Video Monitors TVS - Taiwan Video System CH-15DXA 15" CRT PAL/NTSC Video Monitor TVS - Taiwan Video System CH-17DXA 17" CRT PAL/NTSC Video Monitor TVS - Taiwan Video System CM-21DXA 21" CRT PAL/NTSC Video Monitor TVS - Taiwan Video System LV80NH 8" LCD High Brightness VGA/Video Color Display LG L1510S Flatron 15" 4:3 LCD VGA Color Monitor Fujitsu B19-5 ECO 19" LCD VGA Color Display NEC MultiSync 19" LCD VGA/DVI Display NEC MultiSync 21.5"/23.8" LCD VGA/HDMI Displays NEC MultiSync 22" LCD VGA/DVI Display

Contact us for specific monitors with rare and specific video/data interfaces, for green/amber CRT phosphor, for ragged executions.


The site is in process of a dull development by PRAF Microcomputer Technologies Ltd.

This very popular fun is not ours, since it is far of any science and engineering. Please visit this site sooner or later.

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